It’s an honor to introduce Wykeham Rise: a new luxury inn, restaurant, and spa in Washington, Connecticut. Currently in development on 27 bucolic acres, just 80 miles from New York City, Wykeham Rise re-imagines the country inn for the 21st century, cultivating a community for outdoor enthusiasts and lifelong learners. Guests will discover this property as the ideal merging of sleek, modern amenities with the tranquility, comfort, and rustic style for which Litchfield County is renowned. Designed for each season and for sophisticated tastes, Wykeham Rise is a vibrant space offering each visitor a special experience where sumptuous food and epicurean comforts are placed alongside expertly curated cultural and outdoor activities. From food and drink, to design, culture, education and sport, our intention is to celebrate this exceptional location’s natural beauty and local cultural resources. Most exciting is that Wykeham Rise is designed and operated by one of the premier hotel management companies in the world, Ocean House. As a member of Ocean House’s collection of properties, Wykeham Rise will continue Ocean House’s tradition of world-class service, operational excellence, and deep commitment to its local communities. Ocean House and renowned interior designer, Karen Davis, have created public rooms and guest suites with enduring appeal, blending modern and vintage pieces for a beautifully stylish and warm aesthetic. Custom furniture and design advisory is offered by Bruce Glickman and Wilson Henley, owners of one of Manhattan’s top showrooms, Duane, which specializes in distinctive mid-century modern antiques. I am extremely proud of this project. In 2008 when I purchased the property, I had one goal in mind: to build an enduring community asset that reflects and engages the people and institutions that have made this historic enclave what it is today. Having called Washington home for 16 years and spent my life in Litchfield County, this project is very personal. For me, Washington is about the timeless simplicity and beauty of nature, community, and family–all of which I look forward to sharing with you and your family.

I invite you to join this exciting new addition to Washington.
Erika Klauer, Managing Partner